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Heyyy! Welcome to my GITA website! My name is Gabriella Reyno and I am currently a sophmore at Brea Olinda High School. This year we are learning how to code in HTML, CSS, and javascript.
Please feel free to explore page using the menu bar up top! You can explore my GITA 1 and GITA 2 websites as well as some other info about myself. I have also linked some other information below. thanks!
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What is

G.I.T.A. stands for Global Information Technilogy Academy and is only offered here at BOHS. It is a computer science coding course that teaches languages such as C++, Javasscript, Html, Css, and more! This course is 4 years long and is led by Mr. Salesky. Currently this year, I am in GITA 2, where we are
are learning how to use HTML and CSS as well as Javascript to design websites. We are also learning how to create games from scratch using calculations, variables, functions, if and elses statements, as well as knowledge we learned from last year's GITA 1 course on Visual Studio.

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