Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage

Hi! My name is Gabriella Reyno and I'm a Freshman. Welcome to
my website' for my Computer Science 1 Class:) This year we
learned the basics of coding in C# and here are some of my projects. I am in Honors Lit Comp 1,
Alg 2/Trig Honors, Honors Biology, Spanish 1, Digital Design and GITA 1. My ultimate goal is to get
a degree in Computer Science and hopefully become an animator at Disney.

Goodbye Program


This program tells you goodbyes
in different languages.

Help Page


This Help Page helps you navigate through my small business, ellacreatez.

Mailing Label


By inputting your information, this program formats your info into a mailing label.

Car Rental


You can rent a car as well as document it to find out the total cost of your rental journey.



Ever wonder what you Body Mass Index is? This program calulates your average BMI using your height and weight.

Car Rental Upgrade


Similar to the Car Rental program, it allows you to document your car rental as well as select from an assortment of cars and upgrades.

Test Scores


Instead of using a calculator, this program gives you the percentages of 2 different test scores as well as the average grade.

Dice Program


With the help of probability, this program predicts the sum of your next roll.

Craps Game


Just like the Casino, the craps game allows you to roll until you win!

T-Shirt Order


You can purchase as many T-Shirts with an assortment of sizes and add-ons.

Slot Machine


You can win up to $1000 'in pretend money' in this casino game.

Rock Paper Scissors


This is the traditional game of Rock Paper Scissors! It also keeps track of your wins.

Fish Tank


This program is a game where you can jump around in a tank as a fish! It will keep count of the amount of bumps it hits the tank.

Fish 2D


This program is an updated and more interactive version of Fish Tank. It features marlin and dory while bruce is chasing them.

Tic Tac Toe


This is a Grey's Anatomy themed game of Tic Tac Toe! You can either play Dr. Derek Shepard or Dr. Meredith Grey!.

N! Factorial


This is a Grey's Anatomy themed game of Tic Tac Toe! You can either play Dr. Derek Shepard or Dr. Meredith Grey!.

Basic AI Game


This project uses an AI powered character to chase th other and move with your arrow keys..



This project uses timers to simulate a feild of moving stars.



This program uses arrays and timers to in a game between a fisher in a boat trying to cash fishes, avoiding the shark.

Number Array


This program generate random numbers based on the user's input. It caculates the maxium, minimum, and average values of the number.

Walk the Dog [FINAL PROJECT]


This game is designed to walk your dog by also avoiding common obstacles coming to you.